retro sitting room

Retro Sitting Room

red sofa

A Retro Sitting Room - If you like the designs that were ... and you've a somewhat more funky outlook than the average joe, then a Retro Style Sitting Room could be just the thing for you.

The beauty of using Retro Design is that you can pick off the pieces that are cool and work, time has shown the duds, whereas with modern stuff, of course there is good stuff around, but there is also some very iffy styling too.

If the right Retro pieces of furniture are chosen they will look modern, will not be something everyone else can just go out to the stores and replicate and will give real personality to your sitting room.

sitting room sofa and chairs

Retro Sitting Room Furniture

sideboard, lamp, sofa

I've illustrated this page with some genuine retro pictures to give some ideas as to how the lamps, tables, chairs and sofas were actually use at the time.

First off ... you might find some people calling the sitting room a lounge, but as I was brought up properly, maybe even a bit posh - I can assure you that the correct name is a sitting room.

... unless you're common of course, in which case lounge will suit you nicely.


Retro comes in two flavours - genuine period and reproduction.

I'll admit to two things, first I have a background as an antiques dealer, which you might think would make me biased!

However secondly I'd say that really it doesn't matter, new or old, I'd say the greatest advantage of old is the price, but as soon as items begin to take on a real caché along with a corresponding increase in price ...

... then the advantages begin to wear thin, unless you are a truly dedicated collector or are big in the one upmanship over your friends thing.

Single Piece of Furniture

The main thing to decide is going the whole hog as they say, which would be a full-on retro look, from carpet to light fittings ...

... or just cherry picking one or two fabulous items of furniture. Perhaps a really cool sofa or an especially comfortable armchair.

I'm quite partial to the mix and match approach to decorating, I like the odd really nice piece of furniture - probably because it is a really very comfortable chair that looks great rather than because it was designed by "yadda yadda" - who was big in the 60's dontchya know!!

I also like putting somwhat quirky items into the equation, like one of these sideboards for instance, you'd think they'd be out of context, well they are, but as lumps of furniture something about them really works ...

... plus they are very handy for putting things in, and we've all got things that need to be stashed away safely haven't we.

Using Retro Furniture

In a way, using Retro Furniture is just an excuse to go a little wild, push the limits of taste ...

... of course you already have great taste in furniture and are likely to be a very stylish person if you are thinking of going retro. :) :)

People like to harp back to the good old days when things were made properly, built to last and all that ... well there is some truth to it, soft furnishings from previous eras do seem to be somewhat more robust than much of what is on offer today ...

... of course absolutely high end sofas and such like are excellent today - but at a price, a price that is often the kind of figure that makes you snigger a bit when you hear it, haha!!

Decorating and furnishing any room, perhaps none more so than the Sitting Room, is a comprimise between substance and style, comfort and cool, etc and etc :) ... but by taking the choice of Retro it might just be possible to blend some of those opposites more than is usual.

I really like a comfortable sofa myself and there are Retro Styles that do have both comfort and style - so I wish you luck in your ongoing search.

side boards for a sitting room

sitting room fireplaces

The Retro Sitting Room

I'm sure that once your furniture has been purchased or otherwise aquired ... and the perfect armchair is in place, complimenting the funky sofa very nicely indeed thank you very much ...

... you'll be able to put your feet up, congratulate yourself on a stylish redecoration and enjoy the comforts of your new retro sitting room.

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